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Awards Day 2024

Awards Day 2024

Awards Day 2024:

Enniscorthy Community College had its annual Awards day on Thursday 23rd of May. The special guest for the ceremony was Keith Rossiter current Wexford Senor hurling manager and a former student of the school, who completed his Leaving Certificate in 2001. Following this Keith studied at Waterford Institute of Technology and completed a Business and Accounting degree. School Principal Dr. Iain Wickham said that the school community are very proud of Keith’s achievements to date, his modest nature and the manner in which he conducts himself both on an off the field. Deputy Paul Kehoe T.D. was presented with a lovely piece of wooden art in appreciation for his support to the school right throughout his career to date in politics. Councillor Barbara Ann Murphy was also present representing the Board of Management of the school.

In commenting on the highlights throughout the year the Principal mentioned that only this week the school became the first Champion School of Sanctuary in Enniscorthy. This award further emphasises the inclusive nature of the school and the great work that is being done by all members of the school community to ensure that everyone feels valued and welcomed. The wide range of extra-curricular activities in the school means that there is something for everyone. This gives students the opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends outside the classroom. During the year there were many educational trips organised by different subject departments allowing students to further enhance their learning.

There were several categories where awards were given, these included academic excellence, sporting achievement and areas where students have displayed leadership in the school community. Students, Staff, Parents/Guardians, Board of Management, Parents Association and the wider community were all thanked for their continued support and efforts, all helping to ensure a vibrant school community. Deputy Principal Tina Merriman was praised for her efforts and support in running the school. The contribution of Conor Dempsey who meticulously planned the awards event was highlighted; Liam Sharkey who acted as MC was thanked along with David Lawton who produced the wooden crafted awards. All students sitting state exams were wished the best of luck in their examinations which start on the 5th of June.

The final award Student of the Year was presented to Eoin Sheridan Pope a student who has shown tremendous resilience in the past year always having a positive outlook on life. Eoin was always eager to learn in the classroom setting and was highly regarded by both students and staff in the school.

Below is the full list of award recipients:

Excellence in Class Awards 2024

1 Holly: Sophie O’Toole

1 Oak: Jamie Murtagh

1 Ash: Armin Joby

1 Hazel: Emilia Leskiewicz

2 Birch: Stefanny De Souza

2 Holly: Catherine Jobi

2 Oak: Amy Cullen Farrell

2 Rowan: Kayla Murphy

2 Yew: Sarah Kealy

3 Alder: Kaius Macklin

3 Ash: Agoti Loughran

3 Pine: Eve O Connor

3 Yew: Zuzanna Grzegorzak

5A: Veda Denby Atkinson

5B: Evan Corrigan

5C: Katie Nolan

5LA: Lucy O’Brien

6A: Eoin Sheridan Pope

6B: Marianne De Souza

6LA: Chloe Farrell

Sports Awards


Junior Hurler of the Year 2023-24: Fintan Mc Kenna

Junior Footballer of the Year 2023-24: Mollie Mai Moore

Senior Hurler of the Year 2023-24: Ian Reilly

Senior Footballer of the Year 2023-24: Seb Sludds


Most improved Badminton player 2023-24: Ryan Kacy Fox

Badminton player of the year 2023-24: Adam Southall


Kane Davis, Anthony Dwyer, Aaron Acheson, Warrick Barron, Zara Dunne, James Comboy O’Neill, Harry Murphy, Alex Costen, Alannah Morehouse, Adrian Suciu, Silvu Suciu, Agoti Loughran, Nadia Gyorgy, Alex Hatton, Mason Ryan, Darragh Mitchell, Keane Dobbs, Catalin Vilau, Amy Cullen Farrell.


Junior Basketball Girls: Alexis Connolly

Junior Basketball Boys: Blazej Sowinski

Senior Basketball Girls: Megan Dagg

Senior Basketball Boys: Dzheffriei Ihesinulo


Junior Athlete: Leah Larkin

Senior Athlete: Nathan Henrique


U15 Boys Soccer Killian Murphy

U17 Boys Soccer: Ian Reilly

U19 Boys Soccer: Cody Doran


Junior Certificate 2024

Junior Certificate History : Elayna Rogers

Junior Certificate Maths: Elayna Rogers

Junior Certificate Materials Technology Wood: Kirsty Mc Inerney

Junior Certificate Engineering: Samuel Rigley

Junior Certificate Science: Elayna Rogers

Junior Certificate English: Elayna Rogers

Junior Certificate Geography: Milosz Dolatowski

Junior Certificate French: Jack Devaney

Junior Certificate Gaeilge: Shannon O’Reilly Murphy

Junior Certificate Art: Elisabeth Pauce

Junior Certificate Music Practical Award: Shannon O’Reilly

Junior Certificate Home Economics: Milosz Dolatowski



LCVP 5th Year Student of the Year: Veda Denby Atkinson

LCVP 6th Year Student of the Year : Dzheffriei Ihesinulo

Leaving Certificate Biology : Mateusz Dolatowski

Leaving Certificate Home Economics: Claire O'Connor

Leaving Certificate English: Shania Flynn

Leaving Certificate Geography: Andrei Mirea

Leaving Certificate Construction: Nathan Henrique

Leaving Certificate Art: Claire O’Connor

Leaving Certificate Business: Aaron Sheridan Pope

Leaving Certificate Irish: Mateusz Dolatowski

LCA Resilience Award: Shannon Harty

Frása na Seachtaine

First year - Emilia Leskiewicz

Second year - Lukas Lyons

Third Year - Chloe Weafer Moorehouse

Fouth year - Jack Redmond

Fifth year - Miacha Connolly/Katie Nolan

Sixth year - Nathan Henrique Oliveira Silva


Senior Creative Writing Award: Tommie Morrissey

National Fighting Words Creative Writing competition shortlist:

Ava Maguire

Archie Laws

Ric Jones

Junior Avid Reader: Aarmin Joby 1 Ash

Senior Avid Reader: Jules Araba TY

Library Assistant of the Year: Harry Murphy 1 Oak

EAL Junior Student of the Year: Farhan Mohammed Khan

EAL Senior Student of the Year: Nathan Henrique


Student Council 2023-24:

Jamie Cooper, Cayda Jackson, Charlie Millar, Tia Robson, Jack Redmond, Amy Williams, Shakira Waters, Ben Murphy, Ria Kirwan. Nathan Henrique Oliviera Silva.

School of Sanctuary Committee 2024

Maciej Barcikowski, Yagmur Keklik, Bradley Mashamba, Stefanny De Souza Belo, Ciaran Treacy, Sofiia Bezruchenko, Jules Araba, Aaron Joby, Shakira Waters, Gavin Sinnott, Andrei Gabriel Mirea, Gabriela Kursci.

WWETB Ethos:

Award for Respect: Stefanny De Souza Belo

Award for Care: Alex Costen/Jack Redmond

Award Excellence in Education: Aarmin Joby

Award Excellence in Equality: Shakira Waters

Award Excellence in Community: Nathan Henrique

Boro Suite Awards:

Boro Suite Junior Cycle Student of the Year: Darragh Mitchell

Boro Suite Senior Cycle Student of the Year: Kealan Davis

Meitheal Awards:

Ben Murphy, Ruby Rellis, Katie Nolan, Shakira Waters, Linda Kavanagh, Molly Brady, Lucy Williams. Hollie Murphy, Keeley Mc Carthy.

Junior Certificate Schools Programme: (JCSP)

Most improved JCSP student of the Year: Katie Kearns

JCSP Student of the Year: Kaius Macklin

Student of the Year: Eoin Pope Sheridan

Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024Awards Day 2024
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