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Bin It Roadshow

Bin It Roadshow

On Wednesday 25th October 2023, first year students and students from our Green Schools Committee attended the Bin It! Roadshow.

The Bin It! Roadshow is an award winning interactive presentation that tackles the anti-social issues surrounding discarded litter. Bin It! educates students about what litter is, the reasons why people litter, the damage it causes to the environment, and the importance of correct litter disposal of rubbish, especially chewing gum.

Our students were intrigued to learn about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch; a collection of marine debris in the North Pacific Ocean. The Bin It! team explained that by the year 2050 it is expected that there will be more litter in our oceans by weight than fish.

The students were really engaged in the talk, asking lots of questions and even got the chance to throw "rubbish" at targets. Students who learn about the need to reduce litter become more caring about their environment and gain heightened social responsibility. Many thanks to the Bin It! team for an informative and engaging talk. Don't forget, Bin the gum when you're done or face a €150 fine! A special thanks to Ms. Sarah Walsh and Ms. Aine Sheeran who coordinate the Green School activities throughout the year.

Bin It RoadshowBin It RoadshowBin It RoadshowBin It RoadshowBin It Roadshow
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