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Enterprise Award Interviews

Enterprise Award Interviews

First Year Business Students took part in online Enterprise Award interviews on Thursday 3rd of March.

Elisabeth Pauce was first to interview for her product "Do-O-Cord". With her teammate Kirsty absent Elisabeth conducted a very informative interview. Chloe Weafer Moorehouse presented her organic "Soap by Chloe" and proved a very successful young businesswoman with her substantial profit margins. Abi Foley, Zuzanna Grzegorzak and Esther Bumbriere resurrected a very popular trend with their business "EAZ Loom" Jewelry. "Scones By Amy" was presented by Amy Finn and Ariana Maslova. Their interview left the judges craving Scones after an in-dept. discussion on popular flavours. "Tori's Soap" by Tori Ward impressed the judges with Tori's niche market; people's preference of natural products to chemically enhanced products for handwashing during Covid. Lastly, Michelle Liu, Chloe Murphy and Megan Dagg wowed the judges with their product portfolio for their business "MCM's Gifts".

Well done to all students involved and special thanks to Ms. Barry, Mr. Martin and Ms. O'Donovan.

Enterprise Award InterviewsEnterprise Award InterviewsEnterprise Award Interviews
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