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Power 2 Progress Educational Initiative

Power 2 Progress Educational Initiative

Power 2 Progress Educational Initiative at Enniscorthy Community College:

The introduction of the Power 2 Progress initiative at Enniscorthy Community College for interested Fifth Year students has been extremely beneficial. This initiative is a result of partnership between the school, Zurich Insurance and University College Dublin (UCD) to further assist students with their study and learning outcomes. It will also help students in considering what options they might like to avail of after their secondary education. There are planned visits to University College Dublin and Zurich Insurance headquarters later in the new year.

Trainee teachers from UCD visit the school during the week and provide extra tuition to students in two subject areas that they have chosen after school. Students have also been given a laptop to further enhance their approach to blended learning. Acting Deputy Principal Ms. Margaret Kinsella is overseeing the programme monitoring student progress and attendance and linking in with home. So far, the feedback from students has been extremely positive as they are getting intensive support in two subjects for the Leaving Certificate which should help in improving their grades and confidence with the subject.

Principal Dr. Iain Wickham thanked both Zurich and UCD for their efforts in getting this extra support for students which will run for their two years at Senior Cycle. He stated that there will be long term benefits for the students involved, provided they continue their excellent participation to the required level. This will include:

Improved confidence and wellbeing of student.

Increased progression rates onto Further and Higher Education.

Improved attendance and retention rates.

Greater understanding for students of the professional workplace through visits to Zurich Insurance and UCD.

At the end of the two years data will be gathered evaluating the impact of the intensive intervention and hopefully this will assist in influencing educational policy reform into the future.

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