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Sci-Fest Competition

Sci-Fest Competition

To mark the end of Science Week 2023 in ECC, we held our first ever 'SciFest' science fair. Students from 2 Holly and 2 Rowan have worked diligently in the previous weeks to plan, conduct and evaluate a science project of their own design. Today, these students got to display and present their projects to their peers and staff.

We were lucky to have three judges on hand to award prizes, including Mr. Hugo Rowsome (SciFest), retired teacher, Mr. Joe Flynn and past pupil, Mr. Shane Sinnott. The students demonstrated excellent communication skills, they confidently discussed their experiments and the judges praised all students for their high standard of work. Following consultation with all judges, Mr. Hugo Rowsome presented awards to the following students:

1st Place winners:

  • Ava Murphy, Emma Murphy, Kayla Murphy (2 Rowan) with their project "An investigation into (a) the effects of toothbrushing and the use of mouthwash on the pH levels and bacteria levels in the mouth and (b) the effect of mouthwash on the bacteria levels of a toothbrush".

Joint 2nd Place winners:

  • Milo Williams (2 Holly) with his project "An investigation to (a) compare the drainage rate of sandy soil and clay soil and (b) the effect of each soil type on the germination of mustard seeds.
  • Leah Larkin (2 Rowan) with her project "Does colour affect a person's perception of taste?"

Highly Recommended:

  • Catherine Jobi and Jessica Byrne (2 Holly) who presented two projects, "An investigation into the vitamin C content of lemon, lime and orange juice and the effect of heat on the vitamin C content of these juices" and "The affect of temperature on the aeration of egg whites"
  • Jason Fox (2 Rowan) who investigated "Which acid will make milk go the lumpiest between vinegar, lemon juice and hydrochloric acid?"
  • Martina O'Toole Kirwan (2 Rowan) and her project "Does the concentration of an acid and base affect the pH?"

A special thanks to Ms. Sarah Walsh for organising the event and assisting students with their projects.

Sci-Fest CompetitionSci-Fest CompetitionSci-Fest CompetitionSci-Fest Competition
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